Why quarantine was the best thing that has happened to me

Alexandre Fernandes
2 min readMay 15, 2020


Before quarantine, I was at a stage in my life that I felt stagnated, I was just working and I haven’t any stimulus beyond making ice cream and dealing with customers, I work in an ice cream shop in case you haven’t noticed :)

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So being 20 years old, haven't gone to university, and not having any goal for a profession (more on that in another article) I started to get a little depressed about the situation. What bothered me the most was the fact that I couldn't gain motivation to get up and start doing something.

Can relate?

Then Covid-19 came and in consequence, the lockdown became the new reality.

I initially thought that the “corona thing” would be something that would end quickly and within one month we would forget all about it, LoL :)

Quickly fall into reality.

Seeing what had happened in the world, in some magical way, got me motivated to get hands-on work and start thinking about stuff to do for my own self-improvement. Not only that but, also set goals at a physical level!

Crazy… now was the time I could be on my bed 24/7 watching “how I met your mother” :(

That fact of knowing that the whole world was stuck at home, mostly without the normal responsibilities, got me thinking in my future.

On a daily basis, we complain about the lack of time or the fact that we are always tired, etc, etc. Now for the first time in our life-time, we have lots of free time

Being mindful of that, I couldn't be the same guy a week before, I knew I needed to start doing something, so that's what I did!

For the first time, I decided to take initiative and start doing something

The visual representation was something like this:

So I started doing stuff, the writing was one of that, reading, developing a new skill… (more on that in next articles).

I wasn't spending my whole time on Netflix, playing games, or doing another not productive activity, I was sick of that!

Building habits and schedule my time was essential to me, write down my objectives for the day or week and reach them was my principal technique.

I can say the quarantine, for me, worked in a positive way, but the reality is that it was the change in my mindset that allowed my new attitude towards life :)

Hope you get motivation by reading this :))))

Thank you!



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