Investing in Bitcoin its gonna be your best decision

Photo by Aleksi Räisä on Unsplash

If you look at the moment that the world is going through now, the decisions made by our leaders and governors, you would say that this is a big mess! You are not wrong, you are very very correct.

Bitcoin is the answer and solution to this whole crap, including the monetary system.
This article will not be extensive or detailed, I will just underline 3 main reasons why investing in bitcoin will be the best decision according to this economic and global moment in general.

3 key things

  1. Bitcoin is decentralized, at a time when confidence in the actions of our leaders is practically nule, a decentralized system, not controlled by anyone is the solution.
  2. Bitcoin is scarce, there will only be 21 million of them ever, unlike Fiat currency that can and are being printed all the time.
    Dollar loses value because there is more in circulation
    Bitcoin gains value for being more scarce.
    Its this simple.
  3. Bitcoin fundamentals prove to be increasingly strong. The 2017 bull run did not have many institutions, hedge funds, billionaires behind it, they were retail investors, this time it will be different, just read the news, and the facts.

Educate yourself, protect your money.

Buy Bitcoin ;)



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Alexandre Fernandes

Alexandre Fernandes

Bem vindo à minha página! Escrevo sobretudo sobre mercados Financeiros e analiso as trends económicas. Trabalho na industria de Cripto-moedas.